Michele Lynn at Summerlin Therapy

Michele Lynn, LMFT-I, LPCC-I, Ph.D Student

I integrate a holistic presence into my therapeutic practice, utilizing a person centered and yogic therapeutic approach. I offer therapy from social interaction and person based influence in psychological assessment.

I am clinically trained in sequences for specialty in trauma sensitive training to understand PTSD and trauma brain injury and how that affects the body and mind. This is an incorporation of yoga poses and breath work technique designed to explore significance in the vagus nerve, the role yoga plays in function optimality and heart rate variability for the body’s management of stress HRV monitoring.

I offer EMDR (Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing) and tapping solutions for a reconnection of mental and physical reconnection via body stimulation (tapping). EMDR is a psychotherapy that enables one to heal from the symptoms and emotional distress by healing from psychological trauma as the body recovers from physical trauma.
As a Gestalt focused therapist, I work to possess a relationship with you by a two-way encounter.

My main focus while sitting with you is to offer further understanding, deeper awareness, and enlightened consciousness as I provide psychotherapy from an existential and humanistic perspective with Gestalt and Rogerian therapeutic influence.

I currently available for in-person or online sessions on Sunday, Monday and Fridays.