Josh “Zano” Manzano, MA, LCPCI, RDMT, RAE


Do you feel unseen or unheard even after a traditional counseling session? Do you feel as if the words you’re saying aren’t coming across or making a difference? In a counseling session with Zano, you are invited to talk, move, and go deeper with the intention of being heard, seen, and able to heal. In the therapeutic space he creates, you will be invited to bridge your mind and body using various approaches such as mindfulness, movement, music, art, and role play. In the therapeutic process with Zano, it is common to explore movement (e.g., body postures, mirroring, improvisation) and/or music (e.g., guitar, ukulele, singing).

Zano is a registered dance/movement therapist (RDMT) who combines his lifelong passion for ballroom and Latin dance with his deepest desire to help others heal. As the only practicing RDMT in Southern Nevada, he has the skills to use movement to safely navigate the release of trauma. In essence, “movement is essential, the body is a vessel of joy that too often gets bogged down with trauma and the dirt accumulated with everyday life, strife, and sacrifice. Pain and memory are stored in the body, and I am tasked with the job of releasing it—dance therapy” (WNDR Museum, 2019).

Zano is an ever-growing learner, teacher, and healer. He brings a special energy and light to the therapeutic environment by meeting you where you are with empathy and understanding. Being from Hawaii, he incorporates the “Aloha Spirit” in which you will feel embraced with warmth, welcome, and openness. His experience in diverse clinical settings has prepared him to support individuals from all walks of life (e.g. children to older adults and LGBTQIA+). He is a firm believer in addressing the person, not the diagnosis, as it is a label and does not speak to the person within.

Your body is not Las Vegas…What happens in the body doesn’t have to stay there! Set up a session with Zano and allow yourself to embrace, embody, and embark on your healing journey together.