Jessica Jane, MS, MFT


I am here to help support you in living your most authentic and harmonious life. My hope is that you learn how to be at peace with ALL parts of yourself and end unnecessary suffering. When we live honestly, take risks, seek connection and follow our intuition, our life feels more meaningful and inner conflict dissipates

Discovering who you really are, what trauma is keeping you stuck, and the various ways you are shaming yourself is a process I am so excited to help you with. Those I work with tell me that I am compassionate, genuine, empathetic and challenging. I relate to those I sit with because I connect on a human level, navigating the same journey we call life. I am here for you, with you, and we can do this! Stop struggling alone.

I strive to provide personalized support. I also like taking deep dives and asking tough questions in order to explore the authentic you. I want to offer tools for couples to help rebuild intimacy and closeness. I am also trained in EMDR for those with trauma, PTSD, or other painful memories that you would like comfort from. IFS trained as well.

I am currently available for in-person or online sessions Monday-Friday