1. It is 50 minutes of uninterrupted, YOU time. Giving yourself this time and space to process what is happening in your internal world is crucial for mental health
  2. Therapy may help you view things differently by enabling you to see your blind-spots and gain a new perspective
  3. Being REALLY listened to, understood, and empathized with feels AMAZING
  4. You will benefit by learning coping skills to handle tough emotions or harmful reactivity
  5. Therapy can help you with communication skills that will benefit all of your relationships
  6. You will benefit by learning more about yourself and strengthening your identity
  7. Traumatic events in your life will have less power over you
  8. You and your partner will benefit by feeling closer and more connected
  9. Therapy is a safe place to release built-up tension and painful emotions
  10. You can learn how to effectively create boundaries and have better self-care
  11. You will feel supported yet challenged
  12. You will gain comfort in knowing that YOU ARE NOT ALONE!