Amanda J. Berardi, LMFT, CHT, MS, BS, TRY


I invite you to a safe and held space where transmuting pain and suffering into medicine is the natural human experience. As a trauma-informed and earth-centered therapist, I believe in the alchemy of human nature.

I specialize in guiding beings home to their heart, embodying their wholeness, and creating secure attachments with Self, Earth, Spirit, and village. My approach is holistic and multidimensional, as I weave ancient modalities like meditation, breath work, and yoga, with modern quantum, energetic, and neurobiological sciences.

I believe all ways we adapted to survive can be transformed into codes of Aliveness and freedom.My diverse experience includes treating complex trauma, grief, sexual abuse, dissociation and chronic pain & illness. Healing offerings include but are not limited to hypnotherapy, soul retrieval, past-life regression, sound healing, voice activation, and soul embodiment.Diversity and authenticity are essential to becoming who we truly are. I aim to hold safe and inclusive spaces that acknowledge and grow through layers of decolonization and programming. And I welcome you here with an open mind & heart.

I look forward to hearing from you!