Therapy Testimonials

Do What You Love and Love What You Do

Paul K.

“My first time trying therapy was at Summerlin Therapy. I was nervous at first, but that dissipated after the first session. The vibe was very friendly and welcoming, it didn’t feel stuffy or rigid. I felt comfortable opening up, like I would to a good friend. Definitely recommend.

Maribeth M.

“Quincy is encouraging and empathetic while also straightforward and realistic. His good energy and determination are reflected in every session! He creates an open and safe atmosphere to discuss anything.”

Chel C.

“Amazing ability to help me navigate my own emotions. Made me feel comfortable enough to be open, but also pushed me outside of my comfort zone to get to the heart of the situation. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!! Thanks!”

Anna S.

“Jessica is real and genuine. It is hard to find authentic professionals and I have spent many years looking for the right fit. I feel a lot of security that there are still people out there who get it.”

Rik L.

“I’ve been to many therapists. The therapists at Summerlin Therapy & Couples Counseling are hands down, the best”

Jason L.

“Quincy has such a great approach and has a way of explaining things that sincerely make issues clear and solutions achievable.”

M. R.

“Josh at Summerlin Therapy is a true professional and one-a-kind! Very knowledgeable, quirky, and open-minded. I look forward to every session.”

Ashton W.

“Summerlin Therapy is a very nice place to go when you need help with the issues you are going through and cannot resolve on your own. They offer services that help with a wide variety of problems and are very interested in getting to know the patient as not only a customer, but a person.”

Erik U.

“Excellent level of care and attention. This place is amazing!”

Mandy L.

“I’ve been coming here for over five years now as part of my self-care, maintenance routine. Every time I stop for too long, I regret it. This place feeds my soul.”

Dustin R.

“Professional and knowledgeable therapist in a comfortable and safe space”


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